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Applications to become a subject of the Principality are welcome; applicants should rest assured that becoming a subject of the Prince of Rittergeist will in no way adversely impact their status as citizens of whatever macronation they belong to. As Rittergeist is a de jure realm, all citizenships within it are honorary by nature.

Applying for status as an honorary subject of the Prince is an easy matter. The following form may either be transmitted via the Internet, or mailed via conventional mail to the address given at the bottom of this page. It is highly recommended that those who seek such status share the goals of restoring honor, chivalry, civility, and courtly love to the modern world, or else have an interest in the history, culture, and society of medieval Europe (or, ideally, both). The Prince also has the right to bestow honorary citizenship at his discretion.

Persons under the age of 18 years must have the permission of their parents or guardian before their application will be considered.

Remember; when filling out this form, do not press the Enter button until you are ready to submit your application. When done, press the Submit button.


Mailing Address:

City, State/Province, Postal Code:

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Occupation: Marital Status:

Please state, in your own words, why you wish to become an Honorary Subject of Rittergeist:

You may, in lieu of submitting this form via the Internet, you may copy and paste it in an email directly to: