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Most people realize that some countries (such as Great Britain, most Scandinavian nations, and Japan) have retained their systems of royalty and nobility. But most people don't realize that the ancient forms and titles of the Royal Courts of the days of  yore are not extinct. The Counts and Dukes of France and Russia did not disappear with their respective Revolutions. The Barons and Princes of Germany and Austria did not fade into dust. The Emperors of the Byzantium did not relinquish their thrones.

dubbing.jpg (19730 bytes)Indeed, all still exist today. This page will eventually have information pertaining to this absolutely fascinating sub-culture.

Internet Newsgroups

alt.culture.knights: For members of modern Chivalric orders and those who are interested in them.

alt.culture.nobility: For those who are interested in issues related to nobility; geneologies, current events, etc.

alt.gossip.royalty: A more "chatty" forum than, the main focus is the British Royal Family. A more generalized discussion of issues related to royalty today.