These are individual Micronations  that have created their own web sites. If you know of a Micronational web site that isn't included (including your own), please send email to rittergeist@earthlink.net to be listed. Unfortunately, only those Micronations with web sites will be listed; sub-entities (political parties, non-independent provinces, etc.) cannot be included for purposes of space.

Aeldaria, Empire of

Aerican Empire


Alterra, Kingdom of

Anaceron, Commonwealth of

Ansconia, Republic of

Ark, Federation

Arte˝ya, Communist Nation of

Asphynxia, Dominion of

Aveshira, Kingdom of

Bahoudii, Kingdom of

Baja Arizona, Republic of

Baldonios, Republic of Greater

Barnstovia, Republic of - in German

Bluffington, Hindu Republic of - in English and Sanskrit

Blum, Republic of - in Portugese

Brindabella, Commonwealth of

Cabal, Federal Republic of

Cherusken, Kingdom of


Communicatia, Peoples' Republic of - in German

Conch Republic

Confederated Online States

Confederated Territories, The - in English or German

Corvinia, Sovereign Principality of

Cyberia, Virtual Commonwealth of

Cyberia, People's Democratic Republic of the United Provinces of East

Elgaland and Vargaland, Kingdoms of

EnenKio Atoll

Falkenberg, Kingdom of

Flanders, Republic of - in English or Dutch

Flat 24, Republic of

Freedonia, Kingdom of

Freedonia, Principality of

Freelonia, Sultanate of

Freistaat KLE - in German

Frioul, Free Republic of - in French

Grognardia, Grand Duchy of

Haren, Grand Duchy of

Havenport, City-State of

Howland and Baker Islands, Republic of

Hutt River Province, Principality of

Identitem de Lati, Empire of

Island, Genial State of The - in Spanish



Kadin, Kingdom of

Kaliope, Civilized State of

Kisone, Republic of

L'Anse-Saint-Jean, Municipality of - in French


Lafartia, Glorious Empire of

Landreth, Kingdom of

Laputa, Free Republic of - in German



Liverpool, People's Democractic Republic of

'Llome, Republic of

Lobster Nation, The

Lomar, Republic of


Ludonia, Kingdom of - in Portugese and English

Malveale, Sovereign Republic of

Mapulto, Sovereign Republic of


Maya Republic

Melchizedek, Dominion of

Merovingia, Kingdom of

Minbari Federation

Monastico, Serene Principality of

Morovia, Kingdom of

Motolia, Republic of

Mowameddo Regime

NetCity, Republic of - in Portugese

NeufŘnfland, United Anarchic Monarchies of - in German and English

New Worcester Kingdom

Nova Roma


Orange, Principality of - in Portugese, English, French, and Spanish

Oscania, People's Confederation of

Ottawak, Dominion of

Patria, Inner Realm of


People's Socialist Republics, Union of - in Spanish

Port Colice, Commonwealth of


Porto Claro, Republic of - in Portugese 

Porto Claro, Kingdom of - in Portugese

Ratelon, Democratic Union of - in German

Refugee Republic

Reisenguthland-Ellermark, Kingdom of - in German

Reunion, Holy Empire of

Riesenguthland-Ellermark, Kingdom of - in German, English, or Dutch

Roadkills-R-Us, Republic of

Saint-Paul's Island Kingdom - in French

Santa Clara, Republic of - in Spanish


Sealand, Principality of - in Spanish

Seborga, Principality of

Sedang, Kingdom of

Somtovia-St. Papinian, United Zoe Katholike Patriarchate of

Stoner Homeland

Syntagmia, Kingdom of

Talossa, Kingdom of

Telusia, Barony of

Terra Novum, Republic of


United Protectorate of Earth

United Space Federation

Utopia, United Provinces of

Valsgraphenstein, People's Republic of

Vanesia, Sovereign Order of - in English or Italian

Vivaldia, Republic of

Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah, Empire of

Web Island - in Portugese

Zaire, Kingdom of

Zugesbuch, Principality of